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Eva Ellington’s long black hair falls near her shoulders. She is wearing an animal print bra. She looks young yet burning with lust as she is pouting. Eva Ellington is holding a cock that is pink and long.

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Eva Ellington goes on a road trip and runs short on cash. Here she does some sexual favours to get to her destination. Eva has a man’s stiff long cock on her right hand and she is licking the tip.

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Eva Ellington is a 23 year old porn actress and adult model. She was born on September 8, 1988. Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Eva started in the adult entertainment business in the year 2007, at the young age of 19.  She gained popularity through porn websites such as nubiles and Innocent High. ‘Only Teen Blowjobs 3’ was Eva’s first adult film. Throughout her career, Eva Ellington has done projects for different adult studios such as Gina Lynn Productions Gina Lynn Productions, Red Light District, Hustler and Club Jenna. In her four years in the adult industry, Eva has also been able to work with high ranking adult stars like Brooke Lynn, Amber Lynn, Tiffany Meadows, Nikki Sweet and Aurora Snow.

Eva is a stunning brunette with hazel eyes. She is a petite beauty with the height of 5’1” and weight of 106 pounds. Her vital statistics is 32B-23-33. She currently has tongue and navel piercing. She also has two tattoos— one on her abdomen and another on her right hip.

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Eva Ellington is the tanned brunette wearing a white and red nurse hat. Sophia Dee is the girl next to her pulling her mouth open to the left side. Sophia is has her light brown hair in a ponytail; her blue eyes seem to be pretty mad.

Eva Ellington is bent over a red futon while being fucked by a tattooed older guy doggy style. While Eva is filled with a huge cock, Sophia Dee is almost naked and holding a whip toward the brunette babe’s body.

Sophia Dee takes Eva Ellington to a big metal contraption with cuffs and chains. With the help of a man in black shirt and black ski mask, Eva is tied up. The sexy petite looks scared and ashamed with a round red gag near her throat.

Eva Ellington has lots of cum on her face. She has her mouth open and her eyes closed. Sophia Dee is holding Eva’s mouth with her right hand. She also has cum dripping from her mouth.

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Eva Ellington has a round pink gag inside her mouth. She is wearing pink spaghetti straps with lace trim; her nipples are showing through her top. On her neck is a collar with chains. A hand is raising her face by the chin.

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Eva Ellington‘s mouth is filled with a big cock. The person wearing gloves is holding her by the neck while a long blue toy that looks like a rod is shown to Eva. The young girl seems to have mixed pain and pleasure in her eyes.

Eva Ellington is lying down on colourful plaid sheets with her mouth open and her legs spread apart. A guy is playing with her beautiful pussy. She finally gets to squirt, getting the guy’s hand and herself very wet.

Eva Ellington goes for a close up shot. Here she has her face covered in cum once again. She has a slight smile which is almost hard to see because of the amount of white semen on her pretty face.

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Eva Ellington is a sexy young girl with curly dark brown hair. She is wearing a light pink top with lace trim, skimpy denim shorts, and black wedge shoes. We can appreciate her delicate figure in this full-body shot of hers. We can also see a little bit of the tattoo on her abdomen.

Eva Ellington is sitting on a dark colored table with legs crossed. She has her hands up, touching her ears and a seductive look on her face. This gorgeous young lady looks simple yet seems to be full of naughty ideas.

Eva Ellington has her back slightly turned to show off her tight ass. She is naked except for the panties she still has on her leg. Aside from her nice ass, a little bit of her shaven pussy lips can be seen too.

Eva Ellington poses to show her very sexy body. We see that she has a heart tattoo on her lower abdomen and a piercing on her navel. Her smooth tanned skin and cute smile add to her overall sex appeal.

Eva Ellington is on top of a guy, being fucked with her eyes closed. The two on them are both naked on a black table. We can see Eva Ellington’s legs spread and her cunt filled with a hard cock.

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